The SecuriLock, Legend's premium van lock, will support you in protecting your tools and your vehicle without sacrificing accessibility or safety.


In Canada alone, there were over 4,400 cases of $5,000 worth of equipment being taken from inside vehicles in 2021. 

Legend's new premium van lock, made in Italy, is built to stay strong, provide safety from inside and out, and withstand damage from use and tampering. The SecuriLock has an anti-cutting, anti-drilling shell that is permanently affixed to the doors of your vehicle.

Zinc-Nickel Weather Proof Coating. Unique High-Security Key. Deadlock and Slamlock variants available. 

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The SecuriLock is made of hardened steel with a zinc-nickel coating.  It's resistant to cutting, drilling, lockpicking, and weather damage. 

This premium van lock comes in two variants. The slam-lock version will lock itself shut whenever the attached door is pushed closed & the deadlock version will do the same but can be disengaged whenever necessary. The emergency escape feature means that even if the door closes and locks you inside the vehicle, you'll be in full control with a pull of the release. 

What is included in an order? Included in one box are all the parts needed to install the locks, as well as a tube of anti-corrosive paint to apply underneath the lock during installation, reducing rust and wear. 
What are the differences between the Slam Lock and Dead Lock variants? The Slam Lock variant will automatically fasten itself whenever the attached door is closed, requiring the key to be opened again. The Dead Lock has this same functionality but can be disengaged. Slam Locks are better for maximum security and times when the vehicle won't be accessed often. Dead Locks are better when the back of the vehicle will need to be accessed often. 


Watch How to Install SecuriLock

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Download SECURILOCK Info Sheet (PDF)     |    Download SECURILOCK Install Instructions (PDF)

Please reach out to the team with any questions. We look forward to helping you protect your vehicle with a set of SecuriLocks to keep its cabin secure.