Van Wall, Ceiling, and Door Liners
For All Cargo Vehicles

In addition to our rubber floor mats and rigid flooring that offer protection for the floors of fleet vehicles, we understand that this is not the only part of a vehicle that can be damaged while carrying cargo. For this reason, Legend Fleet Solutions product line includes a range of insulated van wall and ceiling liners that help to protect the sides and roof of the vehicles. These products are available from our extensive dealership network found throughout the United States and Canada. These van liners are all pre-fabricated for all cargo vehicles currently available on the market including Ford, Ram, Nissan, Mercedes and General Motors.

Together with our cargo flooring products, a insulated liner package goes a long way to preserve the interior and exterior of cargo vehicles, helping them to keep their resale value. They also reduce road noise and provide a clean and proferssional appearance.

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DuraTherm Insulated Liners


DuraTherm Insulated Liners

DuraTherm consists of dual polypropylene outer skins which are vacuum heat sealed to a central honeycomb plastic core resulting in a 5/16” thick panel. We then add a foam/foil insulation to the back of the panels to get the perfect interior liner product. Not only does DuraTherm offer protection for the sides of the van, but the insulative material provides noise reduction as well as a thermal barrier, enabling more control over the interior climate. All precut sections are extremely lightweight. This lowers fuel costs as opposed to other systems which are heavier and weigh the vehicle down. They are also quick and easy to install and clear installation instructions can be found on our resources page. Our DuraTherm liners are precut, predrilled and available in grey and white.

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