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Our Story

The Legend Fleet Solutions Story

Legend Fleet Solutions was born in 2004 when a British rubber business moved to Canada to spread its wings. The passion began long before that, and that same enthusiasm for quality and service continues to drive our company today.

Now with an extensive network of dealers across North America, Legend Fleet Solutions is committed to providing your fleet with ultimate interior protection to protect your investment, by offering a wide range of products.

Experts in Fleet Protection – our team and products reflect this with their unbeatable quality and experience. Our meticulously crafted products host some of the market’s most craved features, and are designed to help mediate interior temperature, decrease road noise, and increase resale values, to name only a few.

Legend Fleet Solutions has become an industry leader in fleet vehicle rigid flooring, rubber mats, and wall liners. Your fleet deserves only legendary protection and that is why we embrace our mission of innovation and quality consistently.

SGS_ISO 9001_TCL_HR Legend Fleet is officially ISO 9001:2015 certified. What does this mean for Legend Fleet? Read the blog here

We are passionate about bringing our customers the highest quality and most cutting edge products in the fleet industry. Our top priorities are the preservation of your vehicles and the safefy of your employees.

The Legend Fleet Solutions Approach

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Solutions That Fit Your Needs

Your local Certified Dealer will help you assess your needs and to make recommendations and show you first hand the benefits of the investment in our products for both your workers and your vehicles.

Custom Fit

Our solutions are made to fit your needs precisely. We guarantee a quick, easy and accurate installation and rapid response.

Proven Effectiveness

We can show you how our Legend Fleet Solutions cargo van and specialty vehicle floor liners, wall liners and shelving solutions can effectively pay for themselves in terms of reducing potential injuries (and liabilities) with your fleet teams and how they also protect your investment in your fleet vehicles as well as protecting the cargo your vehicles carry.

Environmentally Friendly

Wherever possible, we use recycled rubber and other materials such as plywood that are sustainable renewable resources.


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